I’ve been meaning to try writing prompts for a while, so here’s a stab at one on reddit

Like sunrise itself, it’s just the first step in a long journey. I honestly think this is really bad, but as CS as taught me, the best way to improve is to finish things and iterate. So here goes nothing. (It also looks way longer on paper than it actually is…)

The wind whispers softly as it makes its last rounds over the sleeping world, murmuring dreamily of yesterday’s worries and tomorrow’s hopes. It rushes through the land, calling to awakeness life in the plains, mountains, forests, and deserts. Earth stirs, as if she wanted to dream just a moment longer.

Then, it happens. Her eyes slowly open; dazzling rays of light spill in every direction, illuminating life itself. The ant scuttles out to forage, the condor takes flight, the electrical lights shine bright.

In her humble abode, the human opens her own eyes, as the beams of light, filtered through curtains, dance excitedly on the wall. The night has filled her with yesterday’s laughter, yesterday’s memories, yesterday’s fears, yesterday’s tears, but the warm, radiant light fills her with today’s hope, today’s future, today’s opportunities - a beautiful tomorrow has arrived.