I saw @thyeashie’s tweet and thought I’d join in on the fun too.

  1. How you heard about Touhou Project

    I remember watching my eldest sister play Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and Perfect Cherry Blossom a long time ago, like, around when those games just came out (2004-2008). I didn’t really remember the series though, until the summer of 2015 before college. I don’t even remember what it was that brought me in, probably some stereotypical “What Is Touhou?” video. I downloaded EoSD, started playing normal credits, and the rest is history.

  2. How long you have been into Touhou

    About 4 years now.

  3. Your most beloved character

    This one is hard. Beloved can mean many things. Best personality? Marisa. Cutest/best girl? Sanae. Coolest background? Yukari. Best boss theme? Okina.

  4. Your favorite game

    Also hard. Presentation-wise I love Subterranean Animism (11), but the game is too hard for me to enjoy often, lol. If I were forced to pick one right now, I’d say either Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (15) or Double Dealing Character (14).

  5. Your favorite Touhou fighting game

    I don’t play the fighters, but Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (10.5) has lit music, so that one.

  6. Your favorite StB-like game

    Double Spoiler (12.5), but I don’t play these that much either

  7. A theme you frequently listen to

    Secret God Okina. Best extra boss theme in a long time. The drop at 2:09 (everyone who listens to this theme knows this timestamp and what exactly happens there) is glorious.

  8. A character that you would like to see in games again

    I want player character boss battles again, we haven’t had them since IN.

  9. Your favourite PC-98 character

    Does Alice count?

  10. Your favorite PC-98 game

    Mystic Square (5)

  11. Your favorite PC-98 theme

    Either Last Judgement (Mystic Square Stage V), or Civilization of Magic (HRtP Sariel)

  12. A spellcard that was hard but then clicked

    Anything that’s memorization.

  13. Play for fun or for scoring?

    I don’t score, only survival play. I’m quite serious about it though, so “fun” is only 3/4 correct.

  14. A game mechanic that you would like to see more frequently

    Music-danmaku syncing. Long-grazing like in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (15).

  15. Your favorite office print work and/or CD

    Print work: Forbidden Scrollery (Kosuzu is precious). CD: Magical Astronomy (pretty much only for the Necrofantasia remix)

  16. Something that makes you love the series to this day

    Depth of the world-building. There’s always new lore for me, a 4-year fan, to discover.

  17. A human character you love


  18. A non-human character you love


  19. Your OTP

    Has to be Reimu/Marisa. I don’t “ship” them in that weird way other people do, I just think they’re the duo of the series.

  20. A character that you feel is over-represented

    Flandre Scarlet

  21. A character that you feel is under-represented

    Narumi Yatadera

  22. Favorite Fangame

    Shining Shooting Star

  23. Do you own merch?

    Two posters, two keychains, and the games digitally. I’d like to buy physical copies of the games too.

  24. Your favorite theme arrange

    Magical Astronomy remix of Necrofantasia. The original is okay to good. The remix blows it and everything else out of the water.

  25. Artist focusing on Touhou I’d like everyone to know


  26. Have you ever been in a Touhou fan community?

    I’m on the reddit (/r/Touhou), and am active in the Fangames And Chill Discord server.

  27. Have you made long-term friends through Touhou?

    Not yet, but I hope to.

  28. Have you started being creative thanks to Touhou?

    I play Touhou music a lot when I play my musical instruments, does that count?

  29. A fan joke that you like

    Okina gets stronger just by standing up.

  30. A fan joke that isn’t funny

    The stereotypical Sakuya pads, Meiling laziness, etc. Old and cringy.