I saw Frozen II today. My impressions are mixed-positive, but that’ll be for another article.

Today I’ll do an initial rankdown of the feature songs in the movie. Overall, I thought the songs fit more cohesively into the story than Frozen I, but Frozen I’s best songs (read: For the First Time In Forever and its Reprise) still win out. Frozen I also had the problem where the songs were all front-loaded and the rest of the movie was pretty dry, which isn’t the case in Frozen II. Anyways, here we go.

Note: Looks like the embeds are busted right now, so click the video title in the embed to go to the actual video.

Honorable Mention: Iduna’s Scarf

Not a feature song so I can’t actually rank it, but the moment the tribe breaks into Vuelie is one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

7 - Some Things Never Change

It’s super obvious this is the sequel’s parallel to For the First Time in Forever, though I feel like it doesn’t quite live up to the quality of that song. The melody and song as a whole is light and pleasant. I would’ve like more duet lines between the 3-4 characters singing. The vibe I got was of an intro song of a stage musical, especially during Elsa’s verse, which is a great thing.

6 - When I Am Older

Parallel to In Summer, and I think it does a better job of being the comic relief song. The whole “I’ll understand when I’m older” message is one that both kids and adults can relate to in their own way.

5 - Show Yourself

This song would be ranked higher if this rankdown counted the visuals because wow, Disney was really flexing their graphical muscles during this song. The song itself I thought was alright. The best part is definitely the All is Found callback and duet to the end.

4 - Lost in the Woods

The whole sequence was a reference to old time music videos, and it sounds like something you’d belt out at karaoke too. Kristoff’s overdramatic reaction doesn’t really fit in the story that well, but I unironically think this song sounds pretty good, lol.

3 - Into the Unknown

This also has heavy, heavy stage musical vibes and I quite like it. The melody is a bit incoherent and wandering outside of the main chorus, but since that’s the point of the song, it doesn’t hurt this song’s position that much. The ending where the voices stack and repeat the siren call is great.

2 - The Next Right Thing

Yay, best girl Anna’s first fully solo song! Very prosaic in the beginning, but the performance is so, so good with all the floating high notes. The pacing of the plot around this song is a bit wonky, but that doesn’t affect this ranking. The message of the song is also the best of all of them.

1 - All is Found

One of the most significant songs in the movie and it comes almost immediately after the movie starts. The melody is great and I love the accompanying harpsichord and other strings. This gives me the same vibes as 大魚 from Big Fish and Begonia, but even better. It’s by far my favorite from the movie.