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TIL Ranks

Here lies my rating system for “Things I Like” (TIL). It’s on a scale of 1-4, keeping in mind that even if something receives a 1, it’s still something I like. Just making it onto TIL is a positive thing!

1: An amusement

Things here are just things I’ve come across and found (mildly) interesting, but aren’t worth remembering. I often forget about these unless I write about it or come across it again. If these things vanished tomorrow, I wouldn’t be too sad.

2: An interest

Topics here are interests of mine; I actively consume new content related to them if they present themselves, though I don’t often seek it out actively. Most of my YouTube subscriptions fall into this category. If these things vanished tomorrow, I’d be perhaps a bit disappointed, but would move on rather quickly.

3: An involvement

Topics here are things in which I take an active involvement. I seek out new and interesting media regarding these topics and try to contribute back to the community if I’m able to. These topics often cross my mind about once a day. If these things vanished tomorrow, I’d be quite disappointed, but eventually carry on.

4: A life changer

Topics here have changed my life, through either an experience, insight, or lesson. They have been constantly present in my life for extended periods of time (months/years), and I constantly think of them or indirectly am influenced of them on a daily basis. If these things vanished tomorrow, I’d be devastated.