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Welcome to my website.

Above on the right you can find links to my about-me page, and a link to my blog.


You want to get in touch! I’m flattered. Here’s a guide for where to find me.

  1. If you’re family or IRL friends, use Facebook Messenger or text.
  2. If you’re trying to reach me about a tech project of mine, find me as williewillus on IRC, either the or networks.
  3. For everything else, email me at vincent (at) (this website’s domain). Spam is not tolerated and will quickly lead to a blacklist.
  • Sourcehut
  • GitHub
  • Twitter (not active)
  • YouTube (occasional uploads)
  • Discord: williewillus#8490 (I’m trying to reduce my usage of Discord, so try IRC first)
  • QQ: 2587882580 (not checked often / 不常看)


Other sites you might be interested in.