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Contacting Me

You want to get in touch! I’m flattered. Here’s a guide for where to find me.

  1. If you’re family or IRL friends, use Facebook Messenger or text.
  2. If you’re trying to contact me about a tech project of mine (Minecraft modding, r16, etc.), use the issue tracker or mailing lists for that project. I am not guaranteed to see any of your pings on chat-based media such as Discord, Slack, or IRC. Things that must be seen should go on permanent, dedicated spaces for them. Some common things people might want to contact me about:
    • Minecraft mods (Patchouli, Botania, etc.): Use the GitHub issue tracker, or the mailing list
    • R16: See mailing lists and tickets on the project page
    • Other Racket libraries: See mailing lists and tickets on the project page
  3. If I’m online and active as williewillus on IRC (Libera or Esper networks), then feel free to ping me and chat.
  4. Otherwise, email me at vincent (at) (this website’s domain). Spam is not tolerated and will quickly lead to a blacklist.

For some more reasoning about this setup, see this post.