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Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday, and I’d encourage everyone who is able to to spare a couple dollars to causes important to them. Here, I’d like to briefly highly the causes I supported and why.

ACLU Foundation

The American Civil Liberties Union fights for equal protection of all Americans before the law, litigating many court cases and lobbying for legislation. They are one of the most reliable of the civil rights charities.

OpenBSD Foundation

OpenBSD is a free and open source operating system. While it has a sliver of the market share of Windows, MacOS, and Linux, software produced by their developers have a reputation for being high quality and have been adopted across many systems. If you have used e.g. ssh or tmux, that is the work of the OpenBSD team. Since their market share is so tiny, they’re often overlooked for funding, even though they maintain tools vital to the open source ecosystem.

Arch Linux

I have been an Arch user for just around ten years, and this project has brought me endless hours of enjoyment and productivity. It’s about time I chip back in and help with some of their operational costs.