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Books, etc.

Books, comics, manga, manhua, etc. Any written-text work that isn’t a game.

I only started tracking from ~2023 forwards, so a lot of older stuff from before that is probably missing from here.

Unless otherwise noted next to the book title, all books are read in English.

On ratings:

  • 1-3: Terrible
  • 4-6: Severe flaws
  • 7-8: Some flaws, would recommend if asked
  • 9-10: Highly recommended
  • Absent: No strong opinion or I haven’t thought about it enough

Partially Complete

Statuses the same as for games.

Name Author Year Genre Status
Song of the Long March (Chinese) Xia Da 2011 Historical Fiction Manhua Semi-Inactive1
Touhou Forbidden Scrollery (Chinese) ZUN 2012 Fantasy Manga Semi-Inactive
Return of the Condor Heroes (Chinese) Jin Yong 1959 Historical Fiction Active


Name Author Year Genre
The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (Chinese) Jin Yong 1961 Historical Fiction


Name Author Year Year Completed Genre Rating / 10
Four Thousand Weeks Oliver Burkeman 2021 2023 Nonfiction Self-help
I, Robot Isaac Asimov 2008 2023 Science Fiction
Legend of the Condor Heroes (Chinese) Jin Yong 1959 2023 Historical Fiction
My Life - Growing Up Asian in America Various 2022 2024 Anthology
Platonic Marisa G. Franco 2022 2023 Nonfiction Human Relations
The Color of Law Richard Rothstein 2017 2022? Nonfiction Anthropology/Sociology
The Forgotten Girls: a Memoir of Friendship and Lost Promise in Rural America Monica Potts 2023 2023 Nonfiction Memoir
The King’s Avatar (Chinese) Butterfly Blue 2011 2019? Esports Fiction
The Time Machine H.G. Wells 1895 2023 Science Fiction

  1. The series stopped serialization in 2016 due to a rights dispute, but the author’s recently announced that they got the rights back and will resume work after finishing their current project ↩︎