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Various musical scores I’ve made for fun.


These scores are in MuseScore’s mscz format. If you want to print it, you’ll have to download it, import into MuseScore, and print from there.

I upload these on the score-hosting service, but that website does not let you redownload other peoples’ scores for free, which is a fair and smart business practice, I must admit.

However, the scores I make aren’t really high quality, so I’m just going to upload them here as well for free.


LilyPond is a GNU project where you can describe music with plain text (similar to a programming language). This allows better versioning and tracking of changes. Here, both the LilyPond .ly files and the output .pdf files are provided.

Grace Before Sleep by Susan LaBarr for Flute Quartet

Note: This was made for a one-off project, so there are no dynamics or articulations or really anything beyond notes and rhythms.

Flower in the Snow by Kosaki Satoru (Jianpu)

This file must be run through the jianpu-ly script to produce a LilyPond .ly file, which you then feed into LilyPond to produce a PDF.