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Tag: Tech

New Site

I’d like to welcome everyone to my new website! Why not Wordpress anymore? For one, I was on a free plan with no custom domain. I also found the Wordpress site in general to be pretty bloated (especially that new editor, yikes). I also didn’t need nearly any of the functionality that it offered. I spent about a day yesterday experimenting with the Jekyll static site generator, and I found it enough to my liking to move my blog to it.

Windows Phone: A Retrospective

Dusted off this post draft from earlier this year and finished it. Yay summer! Last fall (of 2017), after dealing with my Lumia 950’s iffy battery and unoptimized OS for almost two years, I replaced it with a Galaxy S8+, ending almost 8 years of membership as a Windows Phone user. I personally think WP really had the potential to succeed, and had some very special defining qualities. A combination of the market and Microsoft’s own decisions eventually led us to where we are today, with Windows 10 Mobile on life support and the few remaining users praying for a Windows 10 on ARM “Surface Phone” to appear sometime in the future.

Learning by Doing

I’ve always considered myself someone who learns much, much better by doing than by reading. This was reinforced to me yesterday, when I took one of our CS314H Data Structures projects and rewrote it entirely in Clojure. For me, the hard part is finding something to do. I’ve been eyeing Clojure as a fun and elegant programming language from what seems like the past four or five months. I downloaded the thing, played at the REPL every chance I got, and read the amazing book Clojure For the Brave and True probably four times.