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Touhou Fangames Retrospective 2019

yeashie and Crested both posted fangame thoughts for 2019 so I thought I’d join in on the fun as well. I don’t think my opinions are deep enough to assign scores to these games, so I’ll just stick with a relative ranking. Demos You could treat this as a “which games am I most excited for” ranking. 1st place: Abyss Soul Lotus (Demo 2) Cleared?: Lunatic This is cheating since ASL came out last year, but my hype for this game just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Touhou 17 OST Rankdown

Touhou 17 Wily Beast and Weakest Character came out yesterday night, and oh boy it was a solid great out of game. I only cleared normal due to an arm injury so I’ll refrain from commenting on the gameplay too much, but the music I have enough listens throughout today to form a ranking. Without further ado, here we go. EDIT December 4: More changes Move stage 4 up more Move stage 5 up EDIT August 17: After some more listening, I’ve made the following changes:

Fantastic Danmaku Festival 2 Contribution

Just wanted to proudly announce that my first ever translation work has been released! I helped translate the Phantasm stage dialogue for the very well known fangame Fantastic Danmaku Festival 2, as well as the music room comments from Chinese to English. This marks the first time my work has actually made it into a game, and it’s such a big one too! I love the Touhou community with all my heart, and hopefully this is just the first of many contributions I can make to it!