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Translation Services / 英文翻譯服務



説一下自己,我是個ABC,父母自小跟我説粵語,7歲至16歲周末上中文學校。現在還經常跟中文媒體有接觸,比如説b站上看視頻、 看小説等(現在追著全職高手,蠻好看的)。



  • 東方幕華祭春雪篇
    • Phantasm面(對話、音樂室)
  • 東方夢無垠(體驗版)
    • 1-3面(對話)




我的規則挺簡單的:您的作品若是免費的,翻譯也會是免費提供 (把這視爲獻給東方愛好者的一種義工吧)。



有興趣的請Discord聯絡我(williewillus#8490,或者加入Fangames ’n’ Chill再找我)或者QQ(2587882580)。我每天都掛着Discord,QQ稍微每幾天看一下。


我提供翻譯是出自對東方眾、東方同人圈的熱情,並希望歐美東方愛好者也可以享受大中華的作品。 您的作品任何法律問題個人均不負責。

English Version

I provide translation services for Touhou fanworks between Chinese and English.

As a brief introduction, I am an ABC. My parents have spoken Cantonese to me since birth, and I attended weekend Chinese school for Mandarin from around age 7 to around age 16. I still consume Chinese content regularly, usually watching videos on Bilibili, or reading web-novels (I’m currently reading The King’s Avatar, which is quite good).

My Chinese -> English translations are generally viewed as high-quality by the English-speaking community on the fangame discord server. You’ll have to take my word for it, or ask around on said server for confirmation.

Prior Work (official)

Work I have done that was fully accepted as official translation.

  • Touhou Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II
    • Phantasm Stage (dialogue, music room)
  • Touhou The Unreachable Oneiroborder
    • Stage 1-3 (dialogue)

Prior Work (unofficial)

Work I have done unofficially, for free. This usually means editing articles on the wiki or creating translation patches.


My policy is fairly simple: if you fangame will be free, my services will also be free, as a sort-of volunteer service. If your fangame will be paid, I humbly request a bit of compensation for my services. The exact cost doesn’t matter too much and can be discussed.


If you are interested, please contact me on Discord (williewillus#8490 or the FnC server), or QQ (2587882580). I’m on Discord basically all day, and check QQ about once every few days.


I’m doing these translations purely out of love towards the Touhou community, and my wish to let Western audiences enjoy the works of Greater China. I’m not responsible for any legal issues related to your work.