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If you somehow find yourself thinking of getting me a gift, this page is for you. I much prefer a culture where people just state what they want and others get what they’re comfortable getting, instead of resorting to guesswork that almost inevitably results in someone getting a gift they don’t want.

So here’s a list-ish of things you could get me. Roughly in preference order.

Undated Ideas

Your Time

Time is precious. If we haven’t talked in a while, a meal together and a couple hours of chatting is something I would love.

A Craft

Any kind of handmade craft or card. Objective quality really doesn’t matter. The more unique it is to you or our relationship, the better. :D

Touhou Merchandise

I really love the Touhou Project, if you haven’t noticed already. Merchandise of any kind would really be loved, though I prefer posters, figures, T-shirts, and stationery to things like plushies. Nothing weird or overboard like pillowcases, please.

If you need ideas as to the style of art I enjoy, here are several examples for you.

One-Time Ideas

One-off stuff I’ve been thinking of getting but haven’t for some reason or another.

Nothing at the moment!


Don’t get me these, as I’ll probably think it was a waste of your money:

Tech Gizmos and Gadgets

I find e-waste a major problem in today’s society, so I’d like to not contribute to that problem. I’ll replace my tech on my own schedule. I appreciate the gesture, though!