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If you somehow find yourself thinking of getting me a gift, this page is for you. I much prefer a culture where people just state what they want and others get what they’re comfortable getting, instead of resorting to guesswork that almost inevitably results in someone getting a gift they don’t want.

So here’s a list-ish of things you could get me. Roughly in preference order.

Undated Ideas

Your Time

Time is precious. If we haven’t talked in a while, a meal together and a couple hours of chatting is something I would love.

A Craft

Any kind of handmade craft or card. Objective quality really doesn’t matter. The more unique it is to you or our relationship, the better. :D

Touhou Merchandise

I really love the Touhou Project, if you haven’t noticed already. Merchandise of any kind would really be loved, though I prefer posters, figures, T-shirts, and stationery to things like plushies. Nothing weird or overboard like pillowcases, please.

If you need ideas as to the style of art I enjoy, here are several examples for you.

One-Time Ideas

One-off stuff I’ve been thinking of getting but haven’t for some reason or another.

  • Yoaihime’s Anime Drawing How-to Book: This is a anime/manga-style drawing guide by one of my most favorite artists of all time. Not sure how much the book will help, but it’s probably worth getting just for her drawings in it! Physical copy only, please :)


Don’t get me these, as I’ll probably think it was a waste of your money:

Tech Gizmos and Gadgets

I find e-waste a major problem in today’s society, so I’d like to not contribute to that problem. I’ll replace my tech on my own schedule. I appreciate the gesture, though!