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Thanksgiving 2020

I forgot to do my usual Thanksigiving list yesterday, but it’s a tradition I’ve been holding myself to since middle school, so I had to do a make-up today.

Nothing complicated this year, no essays, etc. Just a simple list of the people and things I hold dear.

I’m thankful for…

  1. My parents and siblings, who have lovingly cared for me over the last two decades and more.
  2. My continued good health.
  3. My music educators, for providing me a life-changing experience that impacts me to this day.
  4. The fact that I have a comfortable remote job, in a pandemic where many others are struggling day to day.
  5. My friends (Kate, Ben, John, Hailey, Charles, Marisa, and other Harmonies Hooligans) for their love and support.
  6. The Touhou project and fangame community, for being an endless source of joy and leisure.
  7. The Vazkii’s Mods Minecraft community, for being my lurking place for Minecraft.

This year has really gone by in a blink. I hope that we can look forward to better times for both ourselves and our country in the coming year.