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Tag: Minecraft

Retiring from and Reflections on Modding Minecraft

Well, here it is. It’s been an open secret within the Violet Moon Discord and community that I would be retiring from modding Minecraft soon, and here is the announcement. This comes exactly 10 years from the day I publicly released my first mod (the timing wasn’t a coincidence, I saw it while writing the post and decided to release it today, as a nice whole number). I wanted to spend some time reminiscing about my journey with Minecraft and modded, and where things will go next from here.

Fabric Experience Report with Patchouli

In the past week, I’ve been working on an unofficial port of Patchouli from Forge 1.14 to Fabric 1.15. My reasons for this are twofold: People have made claims about Forge’s problems, both with its technical aspects and its organizational aspects (some of which I feel), and pushed Fabric as a solution Making a judgment on X vs Y is invalid if you haven’t used both X and Y Anyways, Patchouli, for those who don’t know, is a guide book mod by Vazkii for Forge.